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Perfect Journey / Juliet Pang

Perfect Journey / Juliet Pang

完美之旅 | the perfect journey is a collection of original compositions (music/lyrics) by singer-songwriter Juliet Pang 冯欣慧. Music for her is a wonderful medium for a storyteller, and each song that writes her stories and those about whom she holds closely to her heart, adds a new color to her creative palette.

Full-length album:

完美之旅 | the perfect journey

1/ 完美之旅 (the perfect journey)
2/ blue skies and a yellow moon (夏日恋情)
3/ 坏东西 (bad hat)
4/ once again (再次)
5/ same old stories (自古以来)
6/ every christmas carol (每个圣诞)
7/ bloom (盛) - instrumental
8/ 原来,而已 (only because)
9/ Hey you (你)
10/ 毛巾男孩 (towel boy)
11/ i will love you well (爱护你)
12/ Storm (难)
all music and lyrics by Juliet Pang 冯欣慧

Join us at Juliet's album launch at BooksActually on 23 Dec 2010!

Check out Juliet Pang's YouTube channel or her FB page here.

Price: S$20.00
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