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The Workroom X The Floral Atelier proudly presents a re-run of Ruth's modern calligraphy class at the beautiful floral boutique. Jump to their sign-up page!.

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Hoang in Singapore: Calligraphy Workshops September 2016

Hoang in Singapore: Calligraphy Workshops September 2016

The Workroom is stoked to welcome back Vietnamese calligraphy master Dao Huy Hoang this September for another series of calligraphy workshops. Known for his dazzling drill videos, great tutorials, and calligraphy art, Hoang will be making his third appearance in Singapore to instruct new students in three power-packed workshops.

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Read all about our overseas guest instructor, Hoang.

Sat 17 Sep 10am-4pm
Copperplate for Beginners Sold Out

Sun 18 Sep 10am-1pm
Italic for Beginners Sold Out (no pre-requisite)

Sun 18 Sep 2pm-5pm
Ornamental Capitals Sold Out (must have learnt Copperplate or Spencerian)

Weekday classes - CONFIRMED:
Fri 16 Sep 10am-4pm
Copperplate for Beginners

Mon 19 Sep 10am-4pm
Spencerian for Beginners

Venue: The Workroom, #01-05 Basement Studio, Tan Quee Swee Building, 19 Lorong Kilat, Singapore 598120

Fees include materials and light refreshment. Lunch is not included.

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Copperplate for Beginners: Copperplate (common name of English Roundhand) is a beautiful letterform made with a flexible pointed pen nib. The pointed pen allows to thick downward strokes and hairline thin upward strokes, creating graceful, flowing letterforms in a script sequence. This class provides overview of foundational principals of Copperplate Script. Warm-ups, basic strokes, lowercases and uppercases, spacing, and understanding of the word 'roundhand' will be taught.

Italic for Beginners: Italic involved in the early fifteenth century during the Italian renaissance, in the form of a cursive hand developed from the Humanist minuscules, the origins of both letterforms lay in the ninth to tenth century Carolingian scripts, Italic is the most versatile letterform and can be used for formal scrolls and certificates, or for more expressive forma of calligraphy. In this class, you will learn how to write formal Italic: its basic strokes, rhythms and layouts. We will start with lowercases and move to simple uppercases.

Ornamental Capitals: The Ornamental script is a dramatic variant of the basic Spencerian. Added to the basic letterforms are beautiful swirls that follow rules of symmetry, as well as dramatic shades and fine hairlines. This workshop is all about writing beautiful capitals using such ornate strokes. It turns your basic knowledge of Copperplate or Spencerian alphabet to into creating attractive majuscules. In this class, you will explore how to use muscular and whole arm movement to write step by step each capital.

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For sake of clarity, we emphasise that in the case of the participant's no-show for any one of the signed-up sessions, no refund, replacement or exchanges will be made.

All workshop enquiries: please email us at info(at)theworkroom(dot)sg.

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